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Working with Zero blocks, animation and scripts
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The order of collecting a site on Tilda
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My advantages
Choosing me for creating your site, you get
High quality
I make every site the way I would make it for myself trying to solve problems even out of Tilda Publishing format.
Quick work
I do not break the deadlines of order fulfillment trying to carry out the order before the agreed term without the loss of quality.
Effective collaboration
Communicate only on business. Will make your site work for your business not just hang on the net.
Before and after maintenance
I will answer all your questions. If I don’t know the answer, I will find in on the net without fail. I will give you some tips and explain what can be improved or should be changed.
Fair price
I do not raise the agreed price. As a rule, the price includes the calculated work hours. After the work is finished, I can supply the report about the hours spent on work.
Work with legal entities
I have been registered as self-employed at the experimental programme according to the Law of 27.11.2018 N 422 FZ
Krimsky Bereg
The Salt
The System Of Joy
Upgrade Lab
Designing and composing a site for the art project KistiKraski (BrushesPaints)
It was my first work. After it, I decided to start creating sites on Tilda. Owing to this site, the project has grown sales a lot. At the nearest time, it is being planned to integrate the system of payments for getting registered and buying certificates online.
Designing and assembling a site for a construction company
The goal was to renew the company site during a shortest term and a minimal budget. The client was able to supply me with a logo, corporate colors, photos of their works and texts.
Construction of a site according to a prototype for Anna&Anna Bakery's
The task was to develop the site in a shortest term with a minimal budget. The site was assembled according to the prototype of the client's designer. Zero blocks adapted to all gadgets were used while working at it
Designing and assembling a site for a wine trade company Krimsky Bereg.
Initially the task was to collect the site from standard blocks. While processing it, there appeared a necessity to use Zero Blocks. An employee of the company took active part in the site construction.
A blog for the project Sol' (The Salt) by Ivan Glushkov
The task was to develop a blog by a famous Moscow culinary critic Ivan Glushkov. While the process of work, the aims were changing, some limitations of Tilda were faced with and the concept was changed.
A site for The System Of Joy
Work with Systema Radosti started with the necessity of launching a landing for the company before the beginning of an advertising company 72 hours before its beginning. Only a presentation in PowerPoint was supplied to us. Afterwards the site grew and underwent some changes.
A testing task for NTI University.
The task was to create a опять этот лендинг according to the given sample and a short technical task. Texts and references to videos were given. The other elements were taken from samples. Zero Blocks were used while the work.
Designing and assembling a site of a beer brewery company Yakor.
The task was to create a premium image for a brewery company without a design prototype. Initially assembling the site from standard blocks was planned but hole processing it was reconsidered and remade.
Assembling a site for a marketing agency Upgrade Lab
Assembling the site according to a design prototype in PSD format. Adapting the site to different screens definitions. Using scripts for the work of the elements schemed by the designer. While doing this project, it became clear that ordering a design project should happen after consulting, as hardly any designer knows all the possibilities of Tilda. The result: all the schemes got managed to be realized.
Reviews about working with me
Working with Marcus is just a pleasure! He is a very easy-going professional. We found mutual understanding almost at once. He will either consult you, if you have no idea about the matter, or give you a prompt where to find the necessary information. He will always pay your attention to illogical things or drawbacks of your project. He works precisely and strategically and maintains the schedule. I recommend him with pleasure!
Anna Kopylkova
The project manager abd founder of the group of companies The System of Joy
Many thanks to Marcus for our classy site! It was very easy and comfortable to work with him. I’d like to emphasize his high level of wielding professional instruments of service, his individual approach to all our wishes and the speed of fullfilling the work. We recommend him to you! 👌
Andrey Semyonov
the founder of KistiKraski
Do you want to have it quickly, beautifully and classily? Then you should address Marc! He catches it promptly, understands the task precisely and makes unrealizable things get realized. He does everything according to very adequate terms and deadlines. He offers optimal solutions. So, we are going to address him over and over again!
Artyom Shilov
Director of SMM in The Salt
Operative, qualitative, at a reasonable price. Both sites were developed according to the schedule with attention to all details and wishes. If I have to create another site, I will address you again. 😊
Victoria Mamicheva
RND manager of the company Krimskiy Bereg
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